Crispin Valve


Crispin Valve’s 114 years of experience allows us to be synonymous with performance, longevity, and quality. No other company in the world today has manufactured Air Valves longer than Crispin.  Indeed, we hold the first U.S. design patent for the product. Our product line is used extensively in nearly every application requiring the transmission of liquid and the simultaneous control of air presence. Our patented fluid valve became the foundation for the Multiplex Manufacturing Company. Within 5 years, Crispin Air Valves were solving vacuum problems on the Panama Canal–history’s greatest waterworks project.

Our line of valves is extensive, capable of meeting whatever our consumers’ needs are. We offer various sizes of over 20+ different valve types!  Our customer service department as well as sales representatives can direct you to the exact product needed!

We offer are Air Release Valves, such as combination, dual, deep well, midget, pressure, and universal valves. The Air Release Valve Waste Water we offer are air, air and vacuum sewer, pressure sewer, combination sewer and universal sewer. We produce AWWA Butterfly Valves up to 168”! Our Eccentric Plug Valves are made in both reduced and full port designs. We also have an extensive list of Check Valves, such as foot, , rubber flapper, swing check, tilting disc and more. Lastly we provide Ludlow-Rensselaer Gate Valve product line, which we offer sizes of 3″ all the way to 108″!

Through us and our representatives all over the nation and internationally Crispin Valve has a large reach of clients! Our customers include some of the world’s top corporations–from Philips Petroleum, Walt Disney Co., and Anheuser-Busch to Bechtel, International Paper, Black & Veatch and more. Our customer service department and customer service departments of our reps are key players in keeping our customers happy and wanting to do more business with us

Valve Product Line

Air Release Valve

With countless years of experience in Air Release Valves, as we hold the first US patent for them, we provide many different lines across potable and wastewater to suit any project. Our air valves are designed to release air from a water line while water is running through it and admit air when the water line drained, all without leaks or breaks.  Rugged, reliable, and attached to world-class service, no one does Air  Release Valves better.

Check Valve

We also offer various types of Check Valves, such as Rubber Flapper, Swing, Tilting Disc, and Silent Checks. Coming with our standard Crispin quality and service, all our check valves are optimized for minimal head loss and maximum efficiency in flow reversal.

Butterfly Valve

Added to the Crispin name in 2005 after completing the largest building expansion in the company’s 102 year history, our Butterfly Valves have become know across the industry and world for their quality. Our valves are available in varying sizes dependent on our customer’s project. Ranging from 3 to 168 inches, being extensively tested on-site, and meeting and going beyond AWWA C504 standards, we have the right valve for you.

Plug Valve

Introduced in 2012, our long-lasting Eccentric Plug Valves have been used anywhere that the pumped contents can contain fouling or abrasive solids. Our plug valves can be rotated inside the body to control flow through the valve. Ranging from 2.5 through 48 inches our Plug Valves can be used through several different applications and situations. Simple – yet critical.

Gate Valve

Our newest product line, Ludlow-Rensselaer Gate Valves, was recently acquired from Patterson Pump. We are pleased to now offer our customers Double Disc and Resilient Wedge Gate Valves backed by the unmatched combined experience of Crispin and Ludlow-Rensselaer. Our gate valves are available from 3 through 108 inches. The Ludlow-Rensselaer revolving disc gate valve has been successfully utilized in water and waste-water applications for many decades. Low maintenance, performance and longevity make it the most desirable metal seated gate valve in the industry.