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A Modern Company Rooted in Traditional Values

Crispin Valve begin in 1905 with an Air Valve designed by company founder, Clarence Crispin. Returning to Berwick, PA after earning an Engineering degree from Cornell University, Clarence wanted to increase output at the family-owned Berwick Water Company. Early attempts sought to pump water through a wood stave pipe that ran along the bed of the local Susquehanna River. However, the pipe kept collapsing, destroyed by an excessive vacuum that formed as the pipe drained. Clarence designed a valve that could release air from a water line while water was running through it, and admit air when the water line drained, all without leaks or breaks in the water’s flow.

Clarence patented his design, and the Air Valve industry was born when he founded Multiplex Manfacturing Company, known today as Crispin Valves. Less than five years later, Crispin Air Valves were installed on the Panama Canal, history’s greatest waterworks project, at the request of Teddy Roosevelt’s Army Corps of Engineers.

No other company in the world today has manufactured Air Valves longer than Crispin, but we’ve also added Check, Butterfly, Plug and Gate valve lines. In all, we manufacture more than 35 valve designs in sizes ranging from ½” thru 168″. And four generations after our founding, we’re still family-owned and American made. We look forward to putting over a century of experience to work on your next valve project.

Customers Worldwide

With an extensive presence in the municipal water industry, our products are also widely used by industrial, mining, chemical, energy and processing companies. Crispin Valves are installed throughout both hemispheres, and in almost every country around the world. Our customers include some of the world’s top corporations—from Walt Disney Co. and Anheuser-Busch to Talen Energy, Xylem, Bechtel, International Paper, Black & Veatch and more. The breadth of our international experience allows us to understand and provide the flexibility that customers around the globe require. Meanwhile, our municipal client index in the United States includes customers of every size, from major metropolitan areas to small town water systems. Among them can be counted the cities of Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Detroit, Tampa and thousands of others.

Regardless of where they are, we make all our customers the same promise: No other valve company can match our commitment to customer service. We pride ourselves on being the industry’s most accessible and responsive manufacturer. Regardless of the challenges presented by your valve project, we have a solution for you. And we’ll partner with you every step of the way.

Expansion and Growth

Crispin Valve has a product to meet your valve project’s needs. Our Air Release, Air & Vacuum and Universal Combination Valves for both Potable and Sewage water meet or exceed ANSI/AWWA C512 Standards and are available in a wide variety of materials and configurations. Our check valves include Swing Check, Rubber Flapper, Globe Check, Wafer Check and Tilting Disc Check valves in sizes up to 72”. All meet the strictest ANSI/AWWA C508 Standards. Our AWWA C504 K-Flo Butterfly Valves are among the industry’s most popular. Available in resilient seat, mechanical seat, and epoxy retained seat designs, all K-Flo Butterfly Valves meet NSF Certifications for Lead Free and Drinking Water System Components. Our K-Flo Plug Valves are available in rectangular, round and standard port designs, and are in full compliance with ANSI/AWWA C517 Standards for use in municipal, power and industrial applications. Our AWWA C500 Ludlow-Rensselaer Double Disc Gate Valves are renowned for their performance longevity and low maintenance. They’ve been successfully utilized in water and wastewater applications for many decades and are also NSF certified for Lead Free and Drinking Water System Components.

We look forward to putting over a century of experience to work on your next valve project.

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