S Series

Pressure Air release Valves have a long body to keep liquid waste and solids away from working parts. These valves vent accumulations of air and gas while the system is in operation and under pressure. This is the high capacity version of the SL series.

S Series Overview
Nominal Inside Diameter 2″-10″ Sizes Available
Construction Materials Body: Cast Iron (ASTM A126 Class B)
Trim/Float: Stainless Steel (ASTM A240)
Bolts/Nuts: Bolt: Steel (ASTM A307) Nuts: Steel (ASTM A563)
Seat: PVC (ASTM 1784)
*Optional: Stainless Steel (ASTM A582)
Paint: Tnemec 141
Pressure Ratings 20-150 psi (stand.)
2-40 psi (Low)
151-300 psi (High)


Crispin Valve offers a wide variety of special materials for air valves that may not be listed. If your project may need such materials please feel free to contact our Sales/ Customer Service team for any inquiries you may have!