AL Series

These Original Air and Vacuum Valves are designed to exhaust large quantities of air when filling pipelines, and to allow air to re-enter pipelines when draining to prevent collapse due to vacuum formation.

AL Series Overview
Nominal Inside Diameter 2″-24″ Sizes Available
Construction Materials Body: Ductile Iron (ASTM A126 Class B)
Trim/Float: 304ss
Bolts/Nuts: Bolt: Steel (ASTM A307) Nut: Steel (ASTM A563)
Seat: Buna-N Rubber
Paint: Tnemec 141
Pressure Ratings 20-150 psi (stand.)
2-40 psi (Opt.)
151-300 psi (Opt.)

Many Crispin Valves are available with special materials that may not be listed. Please contact the factory to inquire about custom orders.