Check Valves

Swing Check Valves

The SWL Swing Check Valve provides an AWWA C-508-1 solution for check valve applications, including sewage and slurry. The SWC offers a custom engineered option to extreme applications.

Center Guided

Mounted vertically or horizontally, these valves are designed to close before the pump stops, preventing flow reversal and eliminating water hammer and system surges. ANSI Class 150 & Class 300.

Tilting Disc Valve

The tilting disc valve accomplishes full flow opening by having the disc pivot or “tilt” in the flow of the media, which causes the TD series to have an incredibly low opening stroke range. This reduces the opening and closing times critical to controlling flow reversal and reducing water hammer. Available in both top and bottom mount configurations.

Rubber Flapper

A versatile and cost-effective solution, the rubber Flapper Check Valve provides a smaller stroke then conventional swing check valves, reducing slamming while offering a strong quick seal.