3″ – 12″ Double Disc

Our smaller sized Double Disc Gate ValveĀ configuration, the 3″ – 12″ Series offers the same rugged reliability and Ludlow-Rennselaer’s years of experience as our larger models at a competitive price and in a compact package for small pipeline applications.

3″ – 12″ Double Disc Gate Valve Overview
Nominal Inside Diameter 3″-12″ Sizes Available

Construction Materials

Body: Ductile Iron (ASTM A536 GR 65-45-12)
*Optional Cast Iron (ASTM A126 Class B)
Gates: Aluminum Bronze C954
Bolts/Nuts: 304 Stainless Steel Standard
Seats: Aluminum Bronze C954
Coating: Tnemec N141 @-Part Epoxy In/Out
Pressure Rating Class 150, and Class 250

Many Crispin Valves are available with special materials that may not be listed. Please contact the factory to inquire aboutĀ custom orders.