08/28/17 – Crispin Valve acquires NSF 61 and 372  certification on it’s broad and industry leading line of AWWA C512 Air Release Valves thru 24″. Begun in 1905 by founder and inventor CG Crispin, the Crispin Air Valve is synonymous with performance, longevity, and  quality. Crispin ARVs are used extensively in nearly every application requiring the transmission of liquid and the simultaneous control of air presence. We are proud to add yet another indicator of our commitment to quality, service, and innovation in the Air Release Valve segment.  Please visit the Truesdail Labs product listing page for complete model information.

Truesdail Labs NSF Product Listing


06/20/2016 – Crispin Valve is pleased to announce it has acquired the Ludlow-Rensselaer Gate Valve product line from Patterson Pump, a division of Gorman-Rupp. Ludlow-Rensselaer Gate Valves, a world-class producer of Double-Disc Gate Valves, will combine its 155 year-old history with Crispin’s own to form a depth of experience that is unrivaled in the industry at over a combined 266 years.

Along with this acquisition, Ludlow-Rensselaer is introducing a US-manufactured resilient-seated Gate Valve in sizes through 24”.

Joining the KFLO Butterfly Line acquired in 2005 and the line of reduced and full ported Eccentric Plug Valves introduced in 2011, Ludlow-Rensselaer Gate Valves help compliment the already extensive products offered at Crispin, and joins a company backed by the industry-leading customer dedication and service that only a family owned company like Crispin can provide.

More information is available from Crispin Valve; 600 Fowler Ave, PO Box 427, Berwick, PA 18603, Phone 570-752-4524,

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06/10/16 – Crispin Supplies Valves for City of Windsor, ON

20160527_George St.

Crispin recently supplied Corix Water Solutions with 72” 47 Series Butterfly Valves for a major installation in the city of Windsor, Ontario. While we’re always proud of our international reach at Crispin, Windsor is actually about as close to home as you can get. Located directly across the Detroit River from the city of Detroit, Windsor is well-known for being a source of smuggled liquor during Prohibition. Our kind of place!

Aside from Canada, Crispin Valves are found in countries all over the world. Peru, Dubai, Egypt, and Israel are just some of the many places across the globe that recognize Crispin as an international manufacturer dedicated to quality.