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Crispin Support Valves can help solve a variety of installation and maintenance-related issues.

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Crispin Air Release, Air & Vacuum and Universal Combination Valves meet or exceed ANSI/AWWA C512 Standards. We also offer a wide variety of special materials for our valves. Please feel free to contact our Sales/Customer Service team with any inquiries.

Photo of PP Series
PP Series

These valves protect pumps when an application becomes airbound, and can be used to open or close an electric circuit in an alarm system.

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Photo of VP/VSL Series
VP/VSL Series

Prevents liquid from entering a vacuum source, and functions as clean a water&sewage priming valve.

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Photo of TAV Series
TAV Series

Valves offer freeze-protection for valves, pipelines, and piping equipment, and safety scald protection.

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Photo of AE Series
AE Series

Valves are designed for hydronic heating, petroleum transfer, air & gas lines and irrigation systems.

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Photo of N Series
N Series

These AWWA C-512 valves release air automatically from pipeline siphons. Sizes ½” thru 4” available.

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